Five Tips for Selecting a Wedding Photographer in San Diego

If you are planning a San Diego wedding, congratulations! There are many factors to consider when choosing a San Diego wedding photographer. Here are just a few tips to help with your selection process. This article is brought to you by True Photography Weddings.

  1. Make sure you love the style of the photography company. For example, bridal couples often define our style as timeless photography with an edge. We suggest taking some time to go thru the photography portfolios and really getting to know the work. If you like the style of photography right away, that’s a great sign!

    Example of San Diego Wedding Photography: Bride and groom with red umbrella during lightening storm during Colorado wedding

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  2. Know the photography company’s reputation within the industry.The longer a successful company has been in business, the more insurance you have. Is the company behind the photography solid? Do they show you a full body of work that is consistent in style and quality? We believe that choosing a company that has proven to be dependable, ethical and trusted is ultimately the best decision.

    Bride and groom in ballroom at US Grant ballroom

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  3. Ask about the photography company’s policy regarding your images. Does the photography company hang on to your hi-res files? Do you have the freedom to print where you choose? We feel it’s important to understand how your images will be provided after your wedding. For example, as part of our wedding packages, we provide you with a flash drive of all of your images in full resolution, without our watermark. Knowing the image delivery beforehand will help eliminate any confusion later.

    San Diego Wedding Photographer: Destination wedding in Turks & Caicos bride and groom posing on the beach

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  4. Get to know your photographer! We feel it is very important to have a great connection with your photographer! We have found that the most powerful way to build that connection is during the engagement shoot. This is your chance to get acquainted with your photographer, so that by the time your wedding arrives, you are already comfortable working together.

    San Diego wedding photographer photographs couple at Petco Park San Diego

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  5. Trust your photographer! Once you’ve found a photography company, and you love their style, you’ll want your images to stay within that style. If you have ideas for the photography, great! But we’ve found that enabling your photographer to be creative is generally the best approach. Letting the photographer lead the way can result in amazing images that you haven’t seen before! And you can relax and enjoy your big day.

    Bride and grooms first dance at Orange County wedding at the Pelican Hill Resort

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Do you have questions that are specific to your event? We’d love to help with your San Diego wedding photography needs. Please contact us and we’ll respond quickly, generally within 24 hours.